The Patient Portal provides access to… 

  • You and your family’s health data
  • Appointment Schedules and appointment request tools
  • Test results from your last visit
  • Communication tools so that you can contact HFP staff members and your Doctor
  • Billing information

Need Access? Registering for the patient portal is simple. Just provide a preferred email address to the HFP staff and we will send you an invitation to the Harvard Family Patient Portal. We will need to know what kind of Patient Portal account you would like us to prepare for you. There are the two different account types…


Individual Account
The account is intended for patients that wish to view their records and do not need to view other charts associated with other patients.


Family Account
This account is intended for patients that wish to view more than one patient chart with one account. For example, caretakers and parents will find this account useful. A person can still view their own chart while having the ability to view the health data of those under their care. (Note: Patient and Guardian must have the proper HIPAA documentation per federal law on file. Please see staff for the proper documentation.)


Helpful Tips…

After you receive the HFP Patient Portal invitation, you can begin the process of gaining access to your health data on our site. Here are some things that will help you complete the process quicker.

  • Register on a computer. While convenient, most mobile devices prevent some of the processes of verification and secure authorization that a computer will allow during the registering process. We recommend that you create your account from a computer. After the account is registered a mobile device will display our website just fine.
  • Confirm your home phone: Our system will call you to confirm your identity. For security reasons the system will not leave any information or verification codes on a voicemail system. It is recommended that you be available to answer the verification call.


Welcome to the Harvard Family Patient Portal!


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