Harvard Family Physicians P.C. is committed to providing healthcare to individuals and families in the community it serves, with superior quality and value.



Dr. Muckala

Kenneth A. Muckala, MD

Dr. Krautter

Paul M. Krautter, MD

Dr. Griffiths

David W. Griffiths, MD


Dr. Mahaffey

Robert M. Mahaffey, MD

Dr. Foster

Michael C. Foster, MD

Dr. Olson

Darwin D. Olson, MD

Jeffrey Chasteen


Jeffrey E. Chasteen, DO

Dr. Wagner

Patrice Wagner, DO

Dr. Sholl

David S. Sholl, MD

 Dr. Lieberman

Lawrence H. Lieberman, MD

Jonathan McGhee 
 Jonathan McGhee, MD
Dr. Roy

Jess T. Roy, DO


Physician Photo


Patrick Vanschoyck, MD


Larissa Giuliano, MD

           Dr. Nesbit

W. Hugh Nesbit, MD